Update on Richmond (and some Kafka)

Update on Richmond (and some Kafka)

Richmond was great guys, as you can guess, if you managed to sneak onto my Legend of Borach Facebook Page! You can catch a glimpse of all the fun we had there, including speaking to a small subset of High school kids about reading and writing. The quote I threw at them, which I sincerely hope they remember, is Kafka’s:


                A book is an ax for the frozen sea within us


Don’t ask me where I found that he said that. For the life of me I cannot remember, only that it wasn’t in his Diaries, because I read those and I would have remembered it being in there. My favorite quote from his Diaries is:


               Slept; awoke; slept; woke; miserable life…

That’s pretty much how the whole thing felt.


Anyway! Enough depressing stuff. Turns out there were a ton of people just waiting their whole lives to read a real book, which is why it was good I showed up with The Legend of Borach, because it is a real book! Sales were great and turnout was great! So excited to go back!


I’ll have some interesting articles coming soon (I hope)


Busy life keeps me away from my blog,


Your fav author,




P.S. Just totally invented a new hashtag: #realbooks


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