What is a Leader?

Been planning a full-on blog post that goes into detail with the 2013 superhero masterpiece Man of Steel and the philosophy behind the movie, but here’s another question that in light of recent events makes it necessary for me to make the point that The Legend of Borach is a very modern and relevant book.

How so? How can replicating ancient warfare techniques in a fantasy novel ever be relevant?

Well we’re having a crisis here in the United States. So is the rest of the world, but one of the candidates in this country has said something very interesting.

Of course, it was Donald Trump. And as usual per the “two-party” media, they totally ignored what he said so they could focus on discussions of hands or Gov. Kasich’s eating pancakes.

Mr. Trump, a while back when Rubio was still a candidate and Florida was yet to be lost, was questioned on how he would get American soldiers to commit heinous crimes against the law. His answer: he tells them what to do, “because that’s what a leader is, someone who tells people what to do.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I thought a leader was?

That’s why The Legend of Borach is relevant. Two years ago when I wrote it, I had just spent an entire year studying some of the greatest leaders known to mankind. They taught me to ask the questions.

That’s right. I’m not saying that my novel will have all the answers for you. It has some answers, but what it does is explore the nature of being a leader. The central conflict is how a man, a noble can convince a group of soldiers who don’t know him to get behind him and follow him into a battle where it is certain that some of them will die. How do you convince someone to get behind you and do that?

First place is to get in front.

Next thing to do is go read The Legend of Borach and let’s start asking the right questions


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