Microcuento and Roman Wine

Microcuento and Roman Wine

Apparently the Romans liked to drink wine. Of course, this comes as no surprise to me, being part Italian. It’s just in you to drink a little (relatively speaking) of the grape. I even remember reading in Livy that the Romans chased 3,000 amphorae of wine across the Mediterranean that belonged to their enemy. They even abandoned their allies, who were under siege, to go get it!

That’s true love if there ever is such a thing.

A picture of ancient Roman “amphorae.” Clay containers used to transport wine and other liquids. They would be buried to keep the wine cool and don’t allow oxygen to come in contact with the wine, preventing it from becoming vinegar too soon.

Turns out they love it even more: click to read me

I think this should inspire us all to go grab a chianti classico and take it easy for a day.


Or write a microcuento:


“It was a sea of flowers, sweet and delicate. Their luscious aroma awakened kinder memories in his mind’s eye”


If you don’t know what the “flor” is, go look up how Spanish sherry is made!



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