The Stone: Part I

I know it defeats the purpose of being a microcuento (flash fiction) if it has successive parts, but  it’s just the Beethoven in me… gotta break all the rules! 

“Do not tell anyone you have found his stone. Anyone,” the dying man whispered to the young girl, who was covered in mud from her playing in the woods. She would not have seen him there were it not for the golden robe he was wearing—and even that was black with blood and dust.

“I won’t, I promise,” she replied. He hurried off, clutching his bloodied rib.

The stone was too large for her to lift, so she simply returned every day to look at it. It was a translucent blue, but only in the noon light, which broke through the treetops. Inside was a shining orange fish, with scales of gold and silver, and it shimmered as it swam through the insides of the rock. She marveled at it daily, watching it, trying to understand it. It captured her heart for many years.


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