It Begins

Good morning readers. This is my first blog post, and I’m happy to announce that I am now officially a published author (Yes, I am on Amazon, the official medal of success in the modern world). The press release for my first novel, The Legend of Borach, is here.

But first, a brief autobiography:

In 1422, I was brought back into this world of suffering and despair by Santiago de Hormiga, a Spanish Necromancer who succeeded in his final attempt to resurrect the dead and hence my existence.

Or: “Urpi, on the other hand, is a history major from the University of Virginia, who took up the daunting challenge of Professor Formica to translate the first edition of Ascklion’s masterpiece out of Latin into modern English. Urpi, who is also based in Virginia, also loves literature,” as my press release says.

Either way, I hope you return back soon to read and discuss all sorts of matters, from art, to fantasy, to history, to writing in general!

Adieu, thanks for reading,



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